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Pizza Topping Cheese Bromelain

In the preparation of pizza cheese, two types of animal and vegetable butter are used. If animal butter is used in the preparation of pizza cheese, it is called pizza cheese, but if only vegetable butter is used instead of animal butter, it is called pizza topping.

Ingredients: fat-free pasteurized cheese, 60% fat cream,
sunflower oil, wheat starch powder, colorless whey powder,
Sodium diphosphate, sodium citrate 331 = ISN, powdered milk
Fat-free, refined salt for food industry, 0.7%
Potassium sorbate 202 = INS, natural edible color
INS: 160 bii annatto and INS: aii 160 beta-carotene
The daily intake of sorbate is 3000 ppm
The permissible limit of beta-carotene consumption is 0-5 kg/mg bw.
Fat content in dry matter: at least 30%
Protein content: at least 17%

Defrost the package at room temperature 2 hours before use for more flavor and elasticity of the cheese. The rest of the cheese should be kept in plastic in the package so that it does not lose its moisture.

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